Security Window Tinting

Window tinting has a whole range of benefits for your home and your family. It filters the amount of ultraviolet rays that come into your home, decreasing the risks that come with these harmful rays.

It also minimizes the amount of heat that seeps through your windows, allowing you to save up on energy consumption and the costs that go with it. But if there’s one huge benefit of window tinting that is often overlooked, it’s the level of security that it brings to your home.

How is it done?

Security window tinting is a complicated process and is something that is best left to the experts. It is applied using a method called anchoring. Depending on your needs, you can either opt for wet-glazed anchoring or mechanical installation.

Wet-glazed anchoring involves removing your window frame’s rubber gaskets and replacing them with a material that would anchor the glass, frame, and film together. This method definitely costs cheaper than the other types of anchoring, is very flexible, and can be used for different types of frame.

Mechanical installation, on the other hand, costs more and is considered as a more permanent option. It uses a metal angled frame that is screwed into your window frame and onto the wall. The film used is often larger than the glass itself, allowing it to be wrapped and secured under the frames. The anchoring frame and film are then screwed into the window frame to secure them all together. Of course, the higher costs would also mean added strength.

Because of the options that come with security window tinting, it is best to consult with the experts to find out what option fits your needs best. Newcastle Window Tinting can measure your windows for free and give you a quote of the estimated costs. You can also ask all the questions you want to have a clearer understanding of the process. This will help you realize even more how security window tinting can help you secure your home and your family.

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The Security Benefits of Window Tinting

Security window tinting adds a layer of protection to your windows, allowing you to stay safe in various circumstances. Security window film is a thicker version of the usual material used for window tinting and gives your windows added strength.

If your home is found in an area that is prone to hurricanes for example, security window tinting effectively reduces the amount of damage that your home could possibly experience. It secures and encapsulates the glass which prevents it from being shattered into smaller segments. If it does break due to rough weather, the security tint prevents glass shards from flying into your home and hurting you and your family.

This also works the same way in case someone forces entry into your home and tries to break your windows in the process. Because of the added strength, it is harder to break and would require more effort to do it successfully as compared to having regular window tinting or having no tint at all.