Aside from the fact that window tinting keeps you secure from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and high energy costs, it also helps enhance the appearance of any structure. Whether it’s your home, an office building, a school, a hotel, or a store, it adds character to the building, and makes it look professional and clean.

Decorative Window Films

If you want to add a whole new look to your home or business, architectural window tinting makes use of decorative window films that are perfect for this purpose. No matter how bold, sophisticated, and luxurious you want your windows to look, decorative window films are offered in a wide range of designs that would match exactly what you are looking for.

Decorative window tinting for the home or office
Decorative window tinting for the home
Commercial decorative window tinting
Commercial decorative window tinting 2

These decorative window films can be classified into three:

  • Monomeric Film. With a life span of around a year, this is perfect for those who always looks for a brand new look for their home or business. It is very easy to install, and even easier to replace which will allow you to come up with a fresh look for your structure all the time.
  • Polymeric Film. Perfect for areas that are not directly hit by sunlight all the time, it is more permanent as compared to the monomeric film. With a life span of about 3 years, it allows you to enjoy your windows’ look before finding the need to change it.
  • Cast. Definitely the most permanent option for you, it lasts for about 7 years. This is for those who would rather stick to a single look for a long period of time.

Decorative window films can give you effects that would look like the glass has been etched, sandblasted or frosted without the high costs that go with those methods. These films also allow you to be flexible, making it easier for you to change your windows’ designs as needed. No matter how classic or modern you would like your home or business to look, there’s a decorative window film that would match your theme.

Newcastle Window Tinting

Of course, achieving the perfect look you are hoping for would also mean having everything done professionally. If your home or business is found around the Newcastle area, then you can trust Neil from Newcastle Window Tinting to help you out with the installation of your flat glass window tint. Call 0400 606 612 for your architectural window tinting concerns.

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