Choosing Home Window Tinting Newcastle NSW

Choosing Home Window Tinting Film can be a very important decision for your homes interior health. Window Film helps keep the sun’s damaging rays from entering your home and damaging wood, fabrics, carpets and even furnishings and artwork. Window Tinting also keeps your home cooler and reduces glare caused by the sun.

No glare window tinting

The new homes built today are filled with windows giving a feeling of spaciousness and beauty, unfortunately with all that glass comes the task of keeping the sun damaging rays out. You really only have three choices:

1. Do nothing, leave your windows wide open and enjoy the beautiful views of the outdoors, plus have all natural lighting throughout your home, your home looks and feels bright. But unfortunately with unprotected windows the suns damaging effects will cost the homeowner a great deal of money in replacement furnishings and even replacement or refinishing of wood and wall coverings.

2. Put up window treatments, this seems like a logical choice but with large great rooms and floor to ceiling windows, window treatments would be the worst choice to keep the sun out. Plus window treatments would have to be raised and lowered during the day, no one wants to live in a dark home, why put in all that glass if you are just going to cover it.

3. Use Window Tinting Film, this is becoming the best choice amongst the bunch. You still can enjoy your beautiful views and you still can have natural lighting throughout your home. The best thing about home window tinting is that you can cut the sun’s damaging UV rays by up to 99.9% and reduce the heat entering your home by up to 15 degrees.

The choice is clear, home window film is the best all around choice to protect your home interior.

Our company uses the Huper Optiks line of window films, we carry some of the best window tinting films on the market today. We have a patented line called select, this film actually has gold and silver in between the layers of film, giving it unmatched properties to protect your home and a film that is virtually clear.

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