Best Home Window Tinting Cleaning Tips

Tinted windows can be a wonderful addition to your home. However, there are so easy to maintain than conventional windows.

If you have tinted windows in your home, you have to be careful when cleaning. If you are not careful, it can damage the film on the windows, and make the windows are no longer protected.

Tinted windows not only give your home a more distinctive look and mysterious, but also provide other practical benefits.

If the furniture and floors of your home are often exposed to ultraviolet light, they will deteriorate at a much faster rate. During the summer when the sun is strongest, the things that are in your home to support more damaged and they will be more susceptible to fading.

Tinted windows can reduce the amount of ultraviolet light in your home, then they can help extend the life of your furniture and floors.

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Blocking the sun’s heat in summer, tinted glass helps maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. This means you do not need as much cooling devices to keep you comfortable and you can reduce your energy costs.

One thing you should know is that tinted windows from scratch are more easily than standard windows because they have color film.

Because it can scratch easily, it is best to clean them with a mild detergent and a window washing tool, hairless, like a magic wand. Do not use glass cleaners that contain harsh chemicals, particularly ammonia, to clean the windows blow.

The best thing is to use a mixture of water and regular dish soap. You should not use paper towels, newspapers, scrub pad, or window scraper to clean tinted windows, because these tools can cause scratches and other damage.

Best home window tinting cleaning tips

After collecting the tools and cleaning solutions, you can start working.

  1. Start with a tinted rubbing side to side and up and down along the edges.
  2. Then use small circular motions to clean other parts of the window from top to bottom.
  3. After washing, you can proceed with a squeegee. Wet the entire window tinted with soap and water you have prepared.
  4. Then, wrap a towel around the window cleaning tool and wipe the edges of the window until they are completely dry.
  5. When using a squeegee, you must move horizontally from top to bottom, and maintain an angle of 15 to 20 degrees all the time. Each time you finish drawing the squeegee on the other side of the window, you have to remove excess water from your sword before proceeding to the next level.
  6. After cleaning the entire window with the squeegee, use the towel to clean the water left on the edges of the window.

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